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Skin Care & Sustainability: What we can do


Everyone knows images and videos of bottles swimming in the ocean. Probably you also have seen footage of trucks throwing plastic in rivers. Most of them is single-use plastic like water bottles, food packaging, and also cosmetics packaging.

In fact, every day 8 million pieces of plastic find their way into the ocean. Around 5.25 trillion macro and microplastic pieces float in the ocean in 2020. And only 1-2% of the plastic is recycled.

It not a secret anymore that we face a huge problem that not only the companies but every single one of us has to work on.

Why? Because companies produce what we buy. The more water, food, cosmetics, and other stuff in single-use plastic packaging we buy from them, the more it will be produced.

To a point where we realize that we can’t eat money. Everyone knows the wise spelling. But I believe in a way we can turn around everything. So let’s start today!

What can we do?

Skip what you don’t need

The first one is thinking about what we need and what we don’t need. Think twice before you want to buy only because it’s Black Friday or because brands giving discounts.

Choose wisely

Choose products from companies that have certain values and that go the extra mile to be sustainable. Watch out for companies that are involved in greenwashing.

(Greenwashing is basically a form of pretending that a company is sustainable, so they hope to get more customers – but actually they’re not sustainable at all.)

Before you buy do some research on the brand. Some brands have parent companies, that means that they basically belong to a bigger company. If a brand claims to be sustainable, but is run by a parent company that is definitely not, you know that they built the brand to get a different type of customers to maximize their profit. Do your research and you are good to go!

Sustainable Brands List

I will provide a list of brands that try their best to be as sustainable as possible. You will find the list here when it’s ready.✨


A video on this topic with brand recommendations is coming soon!

Coming soon: Recommended Products ✨?

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