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Coconut Oil in Skincare: Why not to use it in your skincare routine.


Many people are using pure coconut oil instead of other skincare products like moisturizer and makeup remover.

Pure coconut oil is praised for being a one-step, do-it-all skincare products. But here’s the problem: It’s highly comedogenic and can clog pores. So it’s especially a no for acne-prone skin.

Sure, it coconut oil does help your skin retain moisture, but when you use at as your only moisturizer, you’re missing out on essential skincare components like humectants and hydrators.

Another factor to consider is where your coconut oil comes from. Not all coconut oils are equally formulated. They can be heavy and not suitable for all skin types. It just can’t be used as a universal everything. You need to know what lab it comes from, how it’s extracted, and what it’s combined with for penetration.

Using it as a makeup remover isn’t as bad as using it as a moisturizer. However, even as a cleanser, it can clog pores because it leaves a film. So if you absolutely had to use it, we’d recommend using it as the first step in a double cleanse and follow it with another cleanser to remove the film.

That said, there are so many other oils and makeup removers out there that can do a better job without the risk of clogging your pores.

The one place where our experts agree coconut oil is okay to use is on the scalp and hair. Coconut oil is especially helpful if you have dry scalp and dandruff if you massage it into the scalp several times a week before bed, sleep with a shower cap on, and rinse out in the morning. This leaves your scalp hydrated and smelling great.

It’s also a great treatment for your hair because it’s the only oil that has proven to penetrate into hair shaft.

The result: Skip it because there are better products out there you can use on your skin.


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