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Are Parabens safe in skincare products?


Parabens are a class of preservatives. They are commonly used in our skincare products because the majority of jars and bottles are made up of water. And any product with even a drop of water in it will need a preservative. After all, a world without preservatives is a world of potential mold, bacteria, and microbial growth.

Some say that parabens disrupt the function of hormones, affecting the functioning of reproductive system, fertility and cause even cancer.

Other say that what’s key is the dose we’re exposed to. Most things have the potential to cause damage, but only at levels far higher than we’d ever experience in cosmetics or day-to-day life.

Reports by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) Expert Panel in 1984 and 2012 concluded that parabens are safe to use and rarely irritating or sensitizing to normal human skin at concentrations used in cosmetics.

Still, there is a huge debate around parabens and a lot of different opinions on this ingredient.

What now?! Should you avoid parabens or not?

I think it depend up on how you feel. Do you feel more comfortable with avoiding parabens? Then, I think it’s mentally more benefical if you avoid it.

I personally try to avoid them if possible, because I’m still unsure about parabens.


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